February is Blogtipping Month

Inspired by Ben Yoskovitz mentioning Ready Fire Aim in his blogtipping post, I’ve decided to catch the bug and do one of my own. Blogtipping is a simple concept –

  1. Choose 3 blogs (I’ve chosen 4 though)
  2. Make a list of 3 things you like about each one
  3. Make one tip as to how each blog could be improved

Most of the blogs listed below are entrepreneurship focused, however, I’ve included a web design and technology related blog as well. Hopefully I’ve included one or two you haven’t heard of before…

Blog #1: OnStartups by Dharmesh Shah – Feed

  • I love Dharmesh’s writing style, it’s very hands on and direct. I find it easy to immediately apply his tips in my day to day life.
  • The “Pithy Insights” posts are brilliant. Often lists like these are generic, but Dharmesh’s are always unique and on point.
  • Dharmesh writes regularly, and his post length is long enough to be thorough, but not so long that he drones on.
  • Tip: Work a little on your design. The header is excellent looking, but once the reader gets down to the content of the blog, things are a little muddy. The tags and social bookmarking links are kind of jumbled, and it looks like you’re not exactly sure where they should go.

Blog #2: Bokardo by Joshua Porter – Feed

  • I like the 3 column layout. Most of the time I think 3 columns is too much for a blog, but Josh’s flow together nicely, and contain relevant information.
  • The “Colophon” box in the footer is an excellent touch. It makes me feel like Josh is not only instructing me in design with his content, but also wants to use the design of his blog as a teaching point, and exposing his color and font choices makes it easier for other designs to be inspired by his.
  • Josh seems to make an effort to write to promote conversation. Almost all his posts either ask questions of his readers, or express his viewpoint, while leaving the topic open for discussion.
  • (Bonus praise) Josh includes a RSS subscription link at the bottom of every post, prompting readers to subscribe if they liked his article. A good way to grab subscribers.
  • Tip: I’m not sure I’m a fan of the excerpts on the front page. Some of them aren’t long enough to indicate the subject of the article. I’d suggest reducing the number of posts that appear on the frontpage, but including their full text.

Blog #3: WorkHappy by Carson McComas – Feed

  • I love that Carson prominently displays a “submit” link where readers can submit content to his blog.
  • The “Happy Quote” feature that is sprinkled throughout the content provides great quotes (I love quotes) amd breaks up the long blocks of text.
  • Normally I skip over recommended reading sections, but Carson’s caught my eye. Most of his selections are extremely relevant, and I’m tempted to grab one or two on them from Amazon on his recommendation.
  • Tip: I’d like it if your design was centered on the page. To me, it feels as though the whole site is sliding off the bottom-left of the page (especially at higher resolutions). Don’t change your design, just center the whole thing on the page, to distribute the whitespace evenly on either side.

Blog #4: The Entrepreneurial Mind by Jeff Cornwall – Feed

  • It’s great to read about entrepreneurship from someone who’s made it his career to study and teach it. Jeff’s posts have an educational quality to them that is really unique, and I feel he’s writing to teach, not just to garner page impressions.
  • I enjoy that Jeff occasionally strays from purely entrepreneurial content, sometimes writing on politics, economics, and world events. However, he always brings it back to how it affects the entrepreneur.
  • I like the list of the 5 most recent posts at the very top of the homepage. It makes it easy to read the headlines and jump to a post I may have missed, without scrolling.
  • Tip: So much great content, and unfortunately not a lot of feedback. Try to make an effort to encourage discussion in the comments section. Leave part of the issue open for debate, or ask a question of your audience. After all, what teacher doesn’t like a little participation!

That’s it for this time, I hope I’ve opened your eyes to some new voices, and been helpful to those blog authors highlighted above. See everyone next time.

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