Sometimes, you just need to ask someone who’s been there before.

I’ve been in ecommerce for over a decade and run one of the original ecommerce holding companies, Elements Brands. We’ve acquired lots of brands and driven hundreds of millions in revenue. But before all that, I worked in private equity and investment banking, and graduated with a finance degree from Wake Forest University, a top 20 ranked business school. I’ve worked on 8 and 9 figure M&A deals, and have experience raising equity and debt capital.

As your company scales up, it helps to have someone in your corner who has walked the path before.


  • CEO strategy coaching. As you transition from founder to “CEO”, you’re probably feeling like you somehow got a totally different job. You spend much more time on long-term company strategy, managing people, setting goals, and reporting out to lenders and investors. I can help coach you on managing that transition.
  • Optimize your financial stack. I meet with SO MANY entrepreneurs who have optimized their ad accounts to the hilt, but have never spent time optimizing their business’s finances. If you are running a business and have not spent time dialing in your credit cards, bank accounts, vendor terms, cash conversion cycle, and lines of credit – I am confident your business is leaking tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. I can help you put that back in your pocket. See an example of how I help founders save thousands.
  • “Board of One”. Even if you haven’t raised a dime of outside money, you probably recognize the value of the structure, accountability, and mentorship that a board of advisors can provide. I’ve worked as a “board of one” for several founders, helping them layer on best practices that took the their companies to the next level.
  • Independent / outside board member. If you’re looking to add someone to your formal board of directors or advisors with deep experience in ecommerce, please reach out.
  • Sell your business. Ever wonder why some businesses sell for higher multiples than others? There are specific things buyers really look for when acquiring a business, and the sellers who get the highest valuations often start planning for an exit at lest a year in advance. Working with me for 6-12 months before you hire a broker to maximize your exit.
  • Evaluate and buy a business. I have personally evaluated thousands of deals, acquired 8 – I know where the bodies are typically buried. I can help you thoroughly evaluate a business you’re considering buying, and share diligence lists built over a decade of acquiring small businesses.

Do any of these sound like a fit?

If so, I’d love to learn more about your business and see if we are a match. I only take a few clients at a time so I can focus deeply on each one, and my rates begin at $1,000/hour. This allows me to focus deeply on a smaller number of founders over longer engagements.

If you’re interested in learning more, please drop me a quick note using the form below, or if you’re more of a face-to-face person, use this link to book a free 20 minute Zoom chat to discuss consulting.

    Bill D'Alessandro